Mounted brine sprayer

To keep snow and ice free the cycle and footpaths is now very easy with the brine sprayer from delvano. Brine is a solution of salt and water. Multiple tests show that a brine spray is effective, environmentally friendly and economical working than spreading salt.

Mounted brine sprayer Mounted brine sprayer Mounted brine sprayer Mounted brine sprayer

The use of brine has some big advantages over salt:

  • Direct action of the brine, salt must be driven on by vehicles
  • Environmentally friendlier, less salt gets into berms
  • More efficient, with the use of the concentrate to salt brine is much lower so that you need less salt
  • Efficiency, longer distances can be done because you can go spraying with lower concentration. E.g with a tank of 300L brine at 15g/m² you can easily spray 30km of bike paths
  • Exact spray width, by spraying brine on footpaths with front garden is very unlikely to do harm to the front yard by the brine because we have a constant spray width compared to a salt spreader

The frame of the brine sprayer delvano has undergone treatment against rust surmounted by a two-component primer + topcoat. The spray pump is equipped with viton membranes which have been treated in order to work with corrosive liquids. The pipes and electrical fittings are made of stainless steel which has a high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

A spray computer is fitted on the brine sprayer. This controls the pressure as a function of speed so you always spray the correct dose. Optionally you can choose to spray 50cm left or right more in width by applying the electrically operated end caps. The standard spray width without end caps is 1.3m.

The mini automatic hose reel with 15m hose and hand lance is rear mounted to spray hard to reach places.

Outside the winter season, the brine sprayer can also be used as ordinary spray machine without the need for adaptations.

In addition to the flashing light we provide also the necessary signage and lights for legal requirements.

The possible tank contents are 300l, 400l or 600l as mounted brine sprayer. For other models, please contact us.

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