The history of Delvano

The origins of NV Delvano (public limited liability company) go back to the early years after the second World War when Mr. Paul Vanlerberghe, father of our current executive director, Carlos Vanlerberghe, founded a one-man-business. Initially Paul Vanlerberghe had a time-worker business, specialized in agriculture. However, he could not find a satisfying sprayer on the market. Therefore, he decided to construct one himself during the calm winter months, together with his staff. They focussed mainly on the elaboration of a stable automatic spraying boom. Their work resulted in a self propelled sprayer with a pneumatic operated boom which would very rapidly evolve to a hydraulic one.

Their achievement was quickly well-known amongst fellow time-workers, who soon ordered similar sprayers.

In 1964, the time-worker company had to build a construction workhouse in order to live up to the growing demand. The time-worker activities saw their end and the company focussed now entirely on the construction of sprayers.

In 1966, PVBA Delvano (limited liability company) was founded and soon the Delvano sprayers became a huge success, mainly due to the company’s wide practical experience.
The company continued to grow, executive staff-members were hired and the neighbouring countries were interested in their sprayers. Delvano continued to strive for better output and quality. Up to this day, Delvano maintains a solid and very good reputation within the agricultural sector.

When electronics finally joined the sprayers and the agricultural mechanisation in 1984, Delvano was one of the first companies to design a reliable and high quality spraying computer. Two years of intensive study and fieldwork resulted in the production and commercialisation of the renowned Spraymatic, which now has reached its third generation and has several options. The Spraymatic was further produced and commercialised by a company called Acec. Many competitors bought the Spraymatic system, which proves its quality, preciseness and reliability.

For the horticultural sector, Delvano designed a series of sprayers which specifically took into account the demands of those farmers.
In order to have a Delvano solution for every horticulturist’s business needs, various models were produced, such as trailed sprayers by motocultor, mounted sprayers for mini tractors and hand pushed carts with moto pump. As a result, Delvano has Belgian endive sets, anti-sprouting sets, specific tomato culture sets, etc.

Later on, in agreement with Delvano as the designer, the production of the Spraymatic was passed on to Velleman, the company that later became Eco-Spray. They ensured commercialisation outside the Benelux.
This way, production numbers could be raised, prices could be kept low and placing orders became thus easier for our competitors.

In 1986, the self propelled sprayers built on farming tractors were replaced by hydrostatic motorized units which were called the Hydro-Trac-series. Three types were available:

  1. The Hydro-Trac STF, which was mainly meant for farmers. It had an accessible price, had the same high Delvano quality, but had fewer options.
  2. The Hydro-Trac Super 3000, which was mid-range between the Hydro-Trac Super meant for time-workers, and the STF model for farmers.
  3. The Hydro-Trac Super 3600, which was meant specifically for time-workers. It had full options and possibilities.

Following several expansions of the production surface, the PVBA (limited liability company) was restructured into an NV (public limited liability company) in 1987

In 1991, the company needed to add a new construction workplace of 7,000 sq.m. due to the increase of orders and in order to keep the delivery period reasonable. Export became more and more important.

Due to the company’s wide practical know-how, the constant adaptations to new techniques and the thorough knowledge of the agricultural sector, the Delvano sprayers became work instruments without frills, nor useless options, but of high quality and performance, combined with the highest possible respect for the environment.

In 1992, Delvano received the golden award (Gouden Aar, the highest distinction) on the international agricultural trade fair Agribex in Brussels for the application of a direct injection system of the spray products into the tubes as to avoid residues and as to obtain absolute precise dosage. This resulted into a maximum protection of the environment.

In 1996, Delvano received another distinction. This time it was the silver award (Zilveren Aar) for the implementation of the independent pendeling front axle on the self propelled sprayers through which swaying of the booms were limited to a minimum.

In 2000, Delvano was once again successful. It received the golden award (Gouden Aar) for the completely new
self propelled  Euro-Trac. This sprayer is a very stable unit with independent pendeling front and rear axles including a stepless variable track width. Immediately after the successful testing phase of this prototype, it became widely popular amongst the time-workers. Especially in the Netherlands it became an enormous success.

In 2005, Delvano was for the third time granted the golden award (Gouden Aar), this time for the Boompilot system. Typically about this system is the automatically switch off or on of the boomsection. These are guided by DGPS, which makes it possible to avoid or reduce drastically double or untreated surfaces.

In 2007 we developed a new type of self propelled sprayer with BI-AIR system. It contains a compressed air container, which reduces the drift by a down forced airstream. For this, Delvano has been granted a distinction in the Netherlands, a country which has higher demands than others.

In 2008, a new testing hall of 3000 m2 has been put into use in order to live up to the more severe environmental legislation.

In order to test the Sprayers individual it was necessary to expand our factory. Therefor in 2006 we started to build an extra testing hall. Nowadays over 3 Ha building compartments are to our disposal.
That same year a new type of mounted Sprayer, called HDV, was made. In transport position the spraying boom is not wider than the tractor which results in more safety on the road.

 In 2007 we developed a new type of self-propelled sprayer with BI-AIR system. It contains a compressed air container, which reduces the drift by a down forced airstream. For this, Delvano has been granted a distinction in the Netherlands, a country which has higher demands than others.
Also the first trailed Sprayer with 52m spraying boom was developed in order to fulfil the increasing question for wider boom widths.

A year later (2008) the first self-propelled sprayer with 52m boom and double Airtec was ready to be made. The big advantage to this machine is that it’s possible the spray with one part of boom completely open and the other one closed.

The question for a bigger tank capacity couldn’t wait any longer. As answer to this we developed in 2009 a trailed sprayer with 7000 liters tank capacity.

 With the development of a touchscreen + joystick in 2011 we paid more attention to a user friendly working behavior.  With an user friendly interface and simple symbols the complete Sprayer can be operated. This operating system is available for mounted, trailed as well self-propelled Sprayers.
Our automatic rinsing program “AUTO-ECO-CLEAN” was also made that same year. The program is used for a complete cleaning of the spraying circuit with as less water as possible in no time. We were rewarded with the “Silver Award” at Agribex for this program.

At this Agribex fair we launched our new type of self-propelled Sprayer “TERRESTA 4000”. The difference between this model and the EURO-TRAC models is that this model stays between the 2,55 m width even with larger tires. In this case you can ride in traffic without any supplementary obligations.

 In 2012 we proposed our new trailed Sprayer “6000TS” with a completely new design of tank. This new tank has a lower center of gravity. With the existence of the 6000TS we can now offer a larger scale of tank capacities.

2014 means the arrival of the self-propelled Sprayer with 2 tanks. The ST18 is equipped with a 6000 liters tank and a second stainless steel tank with 1200 liters capacity. Thanks to this second tank the user has the possibility to add supplementary products like liquid fertilizer by using task cards or sensors during the normal Spraying of the first tank. 



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2007 : Getrokken 52 m


2008 : Zelfrijder 52 m


Getrokken landbouwspuit 7000




Getrokken landbouwspuit 6000TS


ST18 met dubbel spuittank