Delvano NV

DelvanoSince 1960,  Delvano has been the only Belgian constructor of self propelled sprayers.

We also produce a wide range of other sprayers, from mounted sprayers with manual or hydraulic commanded booms, to trailed sprayers, for both agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Nowadays,  not only herbicides, insecticides or liquid fertilizers (fungicides) are employed, but also nematodes are sprayed. They have the same ecological effect as insect control in vegetable culture.

Spraying technology is evolving constantly and therefore, 25 years ago, we have started to apply computers in our sprayers in order to increase the efficiency and user-friendliness of spraying.

Once, we have started developing and producing the Spraymatic system, but nowadays we apply Teejet computer technology such as the LH 844, the LH 76, the LH 85 and the 860. For us, a new century also meant the application of DGPS in order to spray more precisely, efficiently and economically. This has by now been improved with the Boompilot, which is guided by DGPS to automatically close spraysections, as to avoid overlapping.

Operating the sprayer is done by a 7 inch touchscreen and a multifunctional joystick enabling you to operate the machine easily. All functions could be selected: Spray boom, sections, circuit, computer, wheel drive, track adjustment, … This operating system is available for mounted, trailed and even self-propelled sprayers. DELVANO stands for the development of the system so we can always match your specific needs.
Simplicity and clarity are the main advantages we pay attention to. Both touchscreen and joystick are equipped with simple symbols which gives you a direct preview of the selected function. The touchscreen is also equipped with automated functions like automatic day/night shift, automatic tank filling, automatic cleaning program, automatic spray boom adjustment, automatic pressure control, Airtec, automatic wheel pressure control in function by tank capacity,…

You can’t imagine not using any GPS system on your machine. Many systems of different suppliers can be used on your Delvano sprayer nowadays. The GPS system could be easily linked to a touchscreen for automatic section closure or variable rate by task cards of sensors.

We highly value an ecological awareness and therefore use nozzles with air injection and less drift. Our latest novelty is the BI-AIR system, through which the spraying product is applied onto the crops by forced air.

Thanks to our range of self propelled sprayers, we were granted several distinctions on the biannual agriculture trade fair Agribex

  • 1992 – golden award for the direct injection system
  • 1996 – silver award for the independent pendeling front axle 
  • 2000 -  golden award for Eurotrac system with independent pendeling front and rear axle with steplessly variable track width
  • 2005 – golden award for the Boompilot guided by DGPS in order to close automatically sections and hence prevent overlapping
  • 2011 – silver award for our Auto-Eco-clean system for trailed and self-propelled sprayers. The system provides a complete cleaning of the spraying circuit with as less water as possible in no time.

We also offer  a smaller range of sprayers from 20l. till 400 l., that can easily be mounted on a quad. This is specifically meant for the garden builder.

To green services of cities and municipalities we can suggest  a large range of  water irrigation sets for flowerbeds.

Cleaning up in general is something that should not be forgotten. We can therefore supply hot and cold water pressure washers.

Also, keeping public roads clean is very important as to avoid road accidents. For that purpose, we have a wide range of brushes to mount on tractors, fork-lift trucks or telescoping-boom forklifts.

The most recent product we have in our range is a drainage cleanerset to avoid obstructions in the drainage circuit through which the groundstructure improves.  

Keeping public sidewalks and bike tracks ice-free is no problem with our mounted sprayer for spraying brine. The machine is best build to use on a mini tractor.